Paw Patrol Party Games
Posted Feb 02, 2017

Calling all Pups! Its Paw Patrol Party time and Ryder needs your help to get the party started.

Here are a few game ideas for your Paw Patrol themed party.


Paw Patrol Coloring Pages

                Depending on the ages of kids attending the party this is a great way to start off. You can have them color a picture of the Paw Patrol, or if you are planning on serving food you can have them color their place mat. This is great activity to start off with because it’s a good way to occupy the kids while you wait for everyone to arrive.  Here is a great resource for finding some color pages and fun printout for the kids.

Prep Time: 5 Mins

Supplies Needed:

Crayons, Print outs 


Pup Pup Boogie Dance Off

                Nickelodeon has a great template for this game and you can find a link to all the supplies and instructions here. The game is a lot like twister, it has a spinning wheel with different actions the pups need to perform. This can be a good ice breaker for the party any guests arriving can jump right in and they haven’t missed too much.

This game does take few minutes prep time to cut out the spinner and get it ready for play time.

Prep Time 15 Mins

Here a link to the instruction and printables

Supplies needed:

Pup Pup Boogie Template, Card Stock or Cereal Box, Scissors, Straw, Sticker Paper and Brad Fastener


Chase's Badge Game


                  This is pretty much the same as pin the tail on the donkey, but you get to help Chase replace his lost police badge. This game is best played once the party has already gotten started and all the guests have arrived. You want to make sure that you have enough badges for all the kids, no one wants to miss out on this one. The Paw Patrol Party game has 8 stickers, the eye mask and the wall poster needed for this game. To make it extra challenging try and spin the players several times.

You can order the Party game here

 Prep Time 5 Mins

Supplies needed :

Tape or pins to secure game to wall, Game Pieces


Marshall's Fire Hydrant Ring Toss


The goal for the game is to get a rings around the fire hydrant. Depending on the skill level of the kids at the party you’ll want to modify this game.  You can use a construction cone for this game or you can use an inflatable fire hydrant like this one here. You’ll also need a large ring, we recommend a hoola hoop or large wooden hoops.

Prep Time: 10 Mins

Supplies needed:

Inflatable Fire Hydrant, Hoola hoop (or something similar)


Rubble's Lost Bones

 This is a scavenger hunt for Rubble's lost bones. He buried them somewhere and can’t remember.  The bones can either be hidden in the yard or buried in the dirt or sand.  This game is pretty easy to setup, you just hide the bones throughout the yard on inside the house. A special twist you can add to this game is to spray paint one of the bones gold and the finder of that bone gets a special prize.

Prep Time 15 Mins

Supplies needed:

Bones and shovels to bury in the yard. (Optional spray paint to paint 1 bone to stand out)


Zuma’s Water rescue. 

Zuma's Water Rescue


This is a summer time outside game.

                Oh No Captain Turbit is in trouble again. He needs the pups to save him and his boat. This game is like tug a war, you’ll need a long rope, a pool of water. Split the party into 2 evenly matched groups and have them line up on each side of the rope.  Put the pool of water in the middle of the rope and have the pups pull. The winning team is the one who doesn’t get wet.

Prep Time: 15 mins

Supplies Needed:

Pool, Hose to fill the pool, and a long thick rope. (if you use something too thin it can hurt the kids hands)


Paw Patrol Party Food Ideas for a Paw Patrol Party

Paw Patrol Party Food Ideas for a Paw Patrol Party
Posted Jan 24, 2017

Paw Patrol Party Food Ideas

Create a display of snacks that will leave your Paw Patrol Party guests beggin' for more. Food presentation is such a fun part of the party setup. A great assortment of food adds color and fun to your party table. To get your creativity juices flowing, here are some fun and clever Paw Patrol Party food ideas that we think are PAW-fect.
Pretzels rods and licorice sticks placed in metal buckets and labeled throw sticks and chew sticks.
These dog bone rice cripsy treats are paw-some for a Paw Patrol party!  To make these, simply use a cookie cutter to cut rice crispy treats into the shape of dog bones, dip one end in white chocolate, and drizzle with colored candy melts. The rice crispies treats are displayed on white plastic trays and lined with black and white polka dot napkins.
Plastic dog bowls filled with all kinds of snacks and treats and labeled with clever dog-themed titles will make your Paw Patrol party doggone great.  Paw-corn and paw-tato chips for popcorn and potato chips. Use Hershey kisses in colorful foil wrappers for puppy kisses.  Chex Mix and Chex Muddy Buddies make paw-fect kibbles & bits and puppy chow. For a little healthy snack, fruit kibble can be made by mixing grapes and raspberries.
peanut butter cheese ball garnished with dog bone shaped graham crackers makes this a pawsome treat for a Paw Patrol party! Add some height to your food display by placing it on a pedestal or cake tray.
Finally, every Paw Patrol Party needs a cake or cupcakes.  Use cupcake wrappers and picks printed with your favorite Paw Patrol characters.  Cakes can be topped with mini Paw Patrol toys, candles, or Paw Patrol icing sheets.
You can also color water blue, have hot-dogs, and paw-tato salad.  There are so many great Paw Patrol party food ideas to make your Paw Patrol party a Tail-Waggin event your guests will love.
Paw Patrol Party Decorations and Favors
Posted Jan 24, 2017

Paw Patrol Party Decorations

All paws on deck! It's time to get ready for your Patrol Patrol birthday party.  Let Chase, Marshall, and the rest of the Paw Patrol crew help your transform your home into adventure bay with Paw Patrol party supplies and decorations.  Here are some great party supplies and ideas to help get your going.

Paw Patrol Scene Setter
These Paw Patrol scene setters make a paw-fect photo backdrop.  Photo booths have become so popular and a great way to help your guests remember the dog-gone great time they had at your Paw Patrol birthday party.  These scene setters can be placed on any wall are are made of plastic so they can be used indoors and outdoors. 

Paw Print Latex Balloons
No party is complete without balloons and these paw print balloons will fit right in with your Paw Patrol party decorations.  Fill several with helium, group together, and anchor with a weight for a quick and easy centerpiece.  

Paw Patrol Mini Foil Balloons
Let Marshall and Chase join the party with these mini Paw Patrol mylars.  They can be filled with air and put on a stick so they can be placed in buckets, plants, and more. They also make great favors to send home with your party guests.Paw Patrol Birthday Banner
Wish happy birthday to the guest of honor with this fun Paw Patrol birthday banner.  It features Marshall, Chase, Sky, and the rest of the puppy crew.

Paw Patrol Table Decorations

Don't forget to dress up that party table, too!

Paw Patrol Table Decorations

Paw Patrol themed plates, cups, napkins, and table covers can be used to add some fun to the party table.

Paw Patrol Table Decorations

You can also decorate the center of the table with this Paw Patrol table decorating kit. It includes 3 centerpieces and cute paw print confetti.

Paw Patrol Party Favors

Help your guests remember the great time they had by sending them home with some Paw Patrol themed treats and mementos.

Paw Patrol Favor Cups

These cute Paw Patrol favor cups are filled with all things Paw Patrol!  There is a whistle, eraser, tattooes, blowout and more, all in a memorable cup that features the whole Paw Patrol gang.

Doggie Bags

These doggie bags are another cute way to send home extra treats and goodies with your Paw Patrol party guests.  The cute label was printed and says "Thanks for coming to my pawty".  The blue and red striped bags coordinate with all the other decorations.

Paw Patrol Favor Pack
Another idea for party favors that is quick and easy is to use is this Paw Patrol mega mix favor pack.  It includes a variety of fun Paw Patrol themed toys.Paw Patrol Loot Bags

These Paw Patrol loot bags are a paw-fect way to send home toys, treats, prizes, and more with your Paw Patrol party guests!


Halloween Party!

Halloween Party!
Posted Aug 17, 2016

Summer is quickly winding down, school is just about to start and stores are putting out the kids Halloween costumes. This means the best time of year is just around the corner, its time to get out all your favorite scary decorations and cute candy dishes. Halloween is so much fun for all ages. 

Here are a few ideas we found around the interwebs to get you in the Halloween mood. Click on the images to find out what products we used to create these amazing treats.


    Spider Whoopie Pie 


DIY Instructions:

Pumpkin Pudding 


DIY Instructions:

Bat Truffles 


DIY Instructions:

Frankenstein Rice Crispy Treats


DIY Instructions

Spiderweb Cookies

DIY Instructions:

Witches Cauldrons 


DIY Instructions:

Mummy Mugs


DIY instructions:
Find the Table Decorations Here.